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How Often Should I Schedule Janitorial Services

For the average business owner, it might be challenging to find the time and will to maintain the cleanliness of your office space or business. This is where hiring a janitor to maintain your office or business would be the most ideal and most convenient option. When considering hiring janitorial services, you might be wondering how often you should schedule their services. Here’s a guide that will help you make a decision based on your wants and needs.

Why should you hire a cleaning service?

There are various motivations for hiring a janitor. In most cases, you may want to do this because:

You don’t have the time

Most people are too busy to maintain a clean business or office. The demands of work and family life often leave them with little time for cleaning chores, which is why they resort to hiring a professional janitorial service.

You need professional help

Sometimes the type of dirt you’re dealing with is too much to handle on your own. You may have carpets that are soiled by messy spills or furniture with food and drink stains on them, which is why it’s best if you bring in a professional.

Your property is too big

You may have a big office space but few resources to keep it clean. In this case, you would be better off hiring a janitorial service that can do the job for you. A clean space will be pleasant to you, your employees and current or potential customers/clients.

How often should I schedule janitorial services?

The frequency you schedule your janitorial service will depend on various factors. It could be daily, weekly cleaning, or even monthly based on the job requirements. You want to consider the following when preparing a schedule for your janitor:

 Size of your home/office

The size of your business or office will determine the frequency at which you schedule a janitorial service to come in. If you have a small space that gets dirty relatively fast, you’d want the janitor to come in more often. However, if you have a big space that you barely get to all the corners, it will be a while before it gets too dirty. In this case, you might want to spread your janitorial appointments. It all depends on what you’re really looking for.

 Amount of traffic in your home/office

If people are constantly coming in and out, the dirt accumulates faster. For high traffic areas, it’s best to have more frequent cleaning by a professional to ensure the dirt doesn’t get out of hand. However, if you hardly get people to come by your business or office, it would be fine if the janitorial service comes in less frequently.

Type of business

The type of business you run will also determine how often your janitorial service comes in. For instance, if you’re running a restaurant that is open for 24 hours and people constantly come in, it’s best to schedule commercial cleaning services more frequently because of the constant spills on surfaces.

Your budget

Hiring professional cleaning can vary in cost depending on your wants and needs; you must have a budget to accommodate the costs. If your budget allows you to hire daily cleaning services, you should go for it! However, if you can only afford to have a business or office cleaning once a month, that is what you should do. It all depends on how much money you’re willing to invest in keeping your space clean and tidy – just be sure not to overspend.

What are the benefits of hiring a janitor?

Investing in janitorial services comes with a list of perks, especially in an office environment. Some of the main benefits include:

High employee productivity

If your office is dirty with stains on surfaces and furniture, employees will feel uncomfortable working in such an environment. A janitorial service can maintain a clean office for a conducive environment that brings the best out of your employees.

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Enhanced customer service experience

Customers don’t want to be greeted by a messy reception area or even see grime in the bathrooms! Cleaning your office will go a long way in improving the overall customer satisfaction coming for meetings, conferences, and events at your business establishment.

Less time spent deep cleaning

If you hire a janitorial company, you can spend your time on tasks critical to the success of your business. You won’t have to waste too much time deep cleaning spills, mopping, or taking out the garbage. You will be assured that there is someone to do that.

Better employee health

Regular office cleaning will improve your employees’ physical and mental health. Clean surfaces keep all the bacteria and microbes at bay, and your staff doesn’t need to remain paranoid of the health hazards surrounding them at all times, especially during the covid-19 pandemic.

Improved hygiene standards

A professional janitorial service can take your office hygiene to the next level. They come with all the tools and equipment to get rid of the toughest stains and maintain a clean space. They also have the methods to ensure the results last a long time.

Is a janitor worth it?

Hiring a janitorial service is definitely worth the investment, but only when you choose someone with experience. If you hire an amateur who isn’t reliable or doesn’t know how to properly clean, you might end up wasting your money! So please do your research.

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