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Should I Leave My Janitor Detailed Instructions?

Contracting a janitorial service to tidy up your business or office can help free up your schedule and improve your business’s overall look and feel. But just like any other responsible business owner, you’d naturally want everything to go smoothly, even if you’re not going to be present during the cleaning process. If you have special requests or preferences, you might want to share them with your janitor before they get down to work. But how does a janitorial company work? Can you leave them with special instructions? Here’s a guide that will hopefully help answer some of your questions.

What does a janitorial service do?

Typically, a janitorial service takes care of the basic cleaning needs of your property. This means ensuring your business or office looks clean and fresh by removing debris, dusting surfaces, taking out the trash, and wiping down door handles. Most also do an initial sweep for cobwebs on corners where they may have gathered over time.

What can you expect when your janitorial provider arrives?

When you contact a janitorial service, you can look forward to the following when they get to your premises:

-Clean the restroom, including the toilet, sink and mirror.

-Scrub down walls (including behind the commode) with disinfectant if necessary to remove spots or stains.

-Empty all trash bins in office areas, including the kitchen and break rooms.

-Dust tables, desks, chairs, and countertops

-Vacuum the carpeting.

-Shampoo the carpets if needed (for heavy traffic areas).

-Empty and rinse out all garbage cans.

Can I leave special instructions for my cleaning team?

Yes, you can! Janitorial companies will render services based on your preferences and expectations. For instance, if you have certain rooms that you want to remain untouched, you can leave special instructions for the janitorial service. This will especially come in handy if you plan not to be around when they are cleaning.

Why would you want to leave special instructions?

There are numerous reasons you may want to leave special instructions. Any of the following will apply:

Security reasons

Sometimes, you may have valuable stuff in your business or office that you don’t want strangers to access. For instance, you can leave special instructions for your cleaning crew to avoid going inside rooms where you have personal effects that need privacy.

Preference reasons

You may also want to put specific preferences when it comes down to things like what products the janitorial service should use. For example, if your business or office has a lot of hardwood floors, you may want to leave special instructions for them not to use any chemicals that might cause damage. Your janitorial provider will usually have all the knowledge on what chemicals should be avoided on certain types of surfaces, but it’s good to let them know beforehand.

Health reasons

You can also make specific requests when it comes down to your health and safety. For example, if there are pets in the business or office or anyone with asthma, you would probably prefer that the janitorial service avoids using cleaning agents that can be allergens or be harmful to your pets.

Saving time reasons

Unlike an office, some businesses may have a lot of rooms to be cleaned up, and it could take hours to finish cleaning them all. This is where you can leave specific instructions for your cleaner team to know what areas need more attention or detail.

Quality of work reasons

If you’re looking for a specialized service, such as window cleaning, you can leave instructions related to that. Your janitorial provider will bring all of their own cleaning supplies and materials that are necessary to clean your space. That’s why communicating with your service provider on your wants and needs is super important. If you would like them to complete an additional service that is out of the ordinary, let them know so they have time to bring the appropriate materials. They can let you know if they don’t have any heavy equipment with them (like a rug shampooer).

Fragile items

Your business or office may have fragile stuff that you wouldn’t want the janitor to get close to while cleaning. From fine china and antiques to china cabinets, these are items your janitor will not have the capacity to clean. Furthermore, they can easily get damaged, and you wouldn’t want anything happening to your most prized possessions.

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How can you prepare for a janitorial service?

It’s always great to know someone else besides you is reliable to tidy up your area. Here are some ways you can prepare your area for their arrival:

Secure valuables

Take any small items you don’t want the janitor to touch out of sight. These include valuables like jewelry, small appliances, and loose change. It does not mean there will be a security risk from your janitor; rather, gives you peace of mind.

Leave your doors open

You want to provide your janitor access to every part of the business or office that requires cleaning. It is crucial especially if you won’t be around during the cleaning. This will go a long way in helping the process go smoothly and quickly.

Put away your pets or children

Even though they may be well-trained, you don’t want to risk accidents from pets running around during the cleaning. Put them away for their safety and not to interrupt the janitor’s work. It will also save you the hassle of having to clean up any messes they may make.

Prepare your instructions

Write down any special instructions for your janitorial team before they arrive. This can make things go more smoothly and prevent confusion with the cleaning service staff since it’s easier to handle written instructions than verbal ones.

Need a Janitor?

If you’re a busy business owner and don’t have the time to upkeep the tidiness of your space or office, this might be the best time to contact a janitorial service in Tacoma. At Integrity Building Maintenance, we offer a wide range of cleaning services that will help your business or office shine again. From weekly cleaning to deep cleanings, we can handle it all! Call us today or send us an email to know how you can set up an appointment.

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Should I Leave My Janitor Detailed Instructions?

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