What Benefits Can Integrity Building Maintenance, Inc Offer Me That Other Companies Can Not Provide?
Integrity Building Maintenance, Inc Inc. has fifteen years of experience in the janitorial business. You will receive the personalized service of a small company and the diversified services of a much larger company. Our benefits are usually more attractive than the local companies.
What Is Your Management Structure In The Area?
Our offices has the following staff at your disposal: Site Supervisors, Area Supervisors, Area Managers, General Manager – Carpets, Hard Floors, Human Resources Manager, Sales Manager, Operations Manager, and President.
Why Should I Care About The Products Used By Integrity Building Maintenance, Inc?
“Value Blend” products are biodegradable, packaged in recyclable containers, meet and exceed all OSHA requirements, and generate no waste. All products are privately labeled with the product name and usage list on the label. This eliminates damage to facility assets by assuring that the correct products are used for the cleaning task. Assurance of OSHA requirements are met through scheduled HAZCOM training. Material Safety Data Sheets are furnished for each product used. Germi-Kleen bowl cleaner is also effective against the HIV virus, that is why we chose it over others. Chemical costs are reduced due to our ability to buy in volume. We purchase all our materials and chemicals at distributors prices and pass the savings on to you.
How Do You Determine Staffing Requirements For My Facility?

We would first perform a facility survey to determine the square footage of various floor surfaces, area density and any special cleaning requirements. This information is then entered into our computerized work loading program. This program utilizes industry standards to accurately access time required for each task. This eliminates the guess work in determining the staffing requirements.
How Do You Hire Your Service Workers And Supervision?

With an employee base of over 100 in Washington, we focus on recruiting from within our organization. We are an employee oriented company and strive to attract and retain the highest caliber employees available. We feel our wage rates and benefits are more attractive to the local labor market. All potential employees have criminal record checks and past work history checked prior to hiring. This helps us to reduce turn over, increase productivity and enhance employee morale. Supervisors are promoted from within whenever possible.
What Systems Do You Have To Insure That A Quality Service Program Is Maintained?
First and foremost, we employ a well-trained custodial staff and site supervisor. A communications log book is provided for each building, communicating any problems, concerns, service requests or notices of special upcoming events. Log books are monitored by area managers and our corporate office. Regular scheduled inspections are performed by our Operations Manager. Managers, supervisors, and custodians participate in our ongoing training program, providing them with the knowledge and expertise to provide a top quality service.
Do You Have Emergency Response Phone Numbers?
We have a 24 hour, seven day a week answering service to monitor our telephones after office hours. All managers carry pagers for accessibility. We also maintain a supply of backup emergency equipment in our Tacoma office and have an employee base to provide immediate response to your needs.
Are You Insured?
All employees are insured under worker’s compensation. In addition, Integrity Building Maintenance, Inc carries comprehensive general liability and automobile liability with limits in excess of one million dollars per occurrence.
How Much Will It Cost To Provide Housekeeping Services?
Your service program can be tailored to meet your specific needs. This cost is based upon the required tasks, frequencies and cleanable square footage.
If I Have Any Questions, Who Can I Call?
Call our office toll free at 1-800-974-7900 and our secretary will direct you to the right person depending on your question.