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Carpet Cleaning Seattle

Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning SeattleCarpets in buildings see a lot of activity on a day to day basis. Within any given period, people are walking on carpet, dragging or pushing things on the carpets, and dropping things. This can make a beautiful building look dirty and unattractive over time. Here at Integrity Building Maintenance, our janitorial service staff will come in and use advanced methods of carpet cleaning to lift and remove the soil, stains, and odors from your carpet, giving your building a fresh, clean feeling.

Carpet Cleaning Seattle

Wall-To-Wall Carpet Cleaning Services Include:

Spot Cleaning

The first task is cleaning those unsightly stains from drinks, food, and dirt that have been left behind by employees, guests, and even animals. While sometimes stains can reappear after a carpet has been professionally cleaned, we use a spot removal product that lifts the stain permanently.

Pet Odor Removal

Many people are now taking their pets everywhere with them—to hotels, retail stores, the office—and this can result in a lingering odor sticking in your carpet. Such odors can actually cause people to turn around and walk out, resulting in a loss in revenue. We can apply a solution that will remove the pet smell and make your building’s environment more welcoming to those that walk in.


We believe that to thoroughly clean a carpet, you have to be able to reach all the way down to the base of the carpet. Some carpet cleaning Seattle companies only clean the top portion of the carpet fibers. We use a Hydra Master that is attached to our truck to suck out all of the dirt and soil that has settled at the base of the carpet fibers through a hot water extraction method. These particles are then transported to our truck’s mobile unit and remain there instead of ending back in the carpet. This results in a fresher carpet that will stay cleaner longer.


As we clean your buildings’ carpet, we use a deodorizing method to remove any unpleasant smells and bring a fresh scent into your space.

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